Monday, August 24, 2015

WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! {the PROPOSAL}

The good stuff.... for those of you just joining us, I had just suggested that we walk down a private beach that we "randomly" happened upon...
You can see John feeling for the ring here
We walked down the beach (not before I had to take off my heels, which apparently threw off the timing). John told me about how he was thinking of our first date and how he remembered I said I wanted to be a dolphin trainer... and how cute he thought I was but couldn't tell me because we had just started dating. We talked about how far we've come- both professionally AND as a couple. Now, I am lucky to say that John tells me this stuff all the time, so I didn't think twice about it. Everything seemed casual and normal, I even pointed to an ugly orange catamaran floating in the marina in the middle of WHAT TURNED OUT TO BE MY PROPOSAL SPEECH.
BUT THEN. His voice got shaky. **ALERT ALERT** That never happens. This is the most confident guy I know. He said something like "I don't know exactly when I fell so completely in love with you but..."

I SWEAR I BLACKED OUT. Everything got hot, I went from completely fine to sobbing and screaming "OHMIGAWD OHMIGAWDDD" between sobs. I can't remember exactly what was said (a phenomenon I remember reading about and swearing that that would NEVER EVERRR happen to me- and that I would remember every precious moment of my proposal if/when that ever happened). But he was on a knee. And I was freaking out. And I just. Couldn't even. Stand.

According to everyone (and my own memory), the time between John getting down on one knee and me collapsing to mine was abouttttttt .02 seconds
He said amazing things. I cried. He said all the things a girl dreams her whole life to hear. I cried more. And then he said the words that I've been wanting to hear for the past 6.75 years...
"Jaquielyn Midori Tango, will you marry me?" 
ALL. THE. TEARS. I said "Yes! Of course!"... but naturally, between the tears, he couldn't hear my answer. He said "Is that a yes?!?" A MILLION TIMES, YES, JOHN.

I finally took a look at the most beautiful ring ever created in the history of the world. And he put it on MY finger. I think I even said something like "You have to put it on me because I just can't function right now"
Then we stood up, I put my head against his chest and could hear how freaking loud and fast his heart was beating. I don't know if I've ever seen this guy nervous
And then there was screaming behind us. I turned around to see some strangers on their balcony cheering and clapping.... And then a familiar face! Amber!! With a camera!! Taking pictures!!!!!! Just like I always wanted
The next couple pics are my genuine reaction...

[Please note that ALL of the pictures in this post were taken by ninja- Level:Expert Photographer extraordinaire, Amber freaking Arnold. I even scoured the bushes for a flash of a camera/photographer for any clue that a proposal was happening. I saw nothing. She was one with the bushes. Not only is she an INCREDIBLE photographer, but she is also my lead at work, responsible for getting me the day off, and a world-class trainer. I'm proud to also be able to call her my friend]

Amber snapped a few more photos, before running off

As she left the scene, I asked John if she had a dinner reservation or why she had to leave so quickly. John said "Oh, we just talked about it and she wanted to give us some time together to talk about stuff... and I told her about our dinner reservation"

Little did I know, that was not the last surprise of the day... Here's a sneak peek at the next blog installment...

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