Saturday, August 22, 2015

WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! {the day of the PROPOSAL}

First off...

John and I have had crazy schedules.But for one, brief period, our schedules synced up (for the first time in foreverrr.... cue Frozen) and we had weekends TOGETHER!!!!! To maximize time together, we started having a "dinner schedule" for who makes dinner what nights. Stop laughing, it works for us. However, I ended up picking up most of the dinner duties that week due to impromptu work meetings (lies have been highlighted in yellow for effect), John picking up extra shifts, and other... hrm, shall we say cover-ups? When he came home an hour and a half after his supposed scheduled "end of shift", to a cold dinner, I was a wee bit upset. He promised to make me breakfast the following morning to make up for it. It seemed fair.
"What time do you leave for work"
"6 am"
"What time do you want breakfast  ready?"
"Ok. It'll be on the table"

Breakfast was MY FAVORITE! French toast, with MANGO!! I got ready for work, dressed in a swimsuit since my lead (who would later moonlight as a kick-ass photographer) had said "Yeah, you're probably going to dive tomorrow. Be ready" Since John had work that day as well, he was ALSO in his work clothes. Randomly, John said "Hey. Since we're both up and dressed for work, let's take a picture of us in our work clothes!". Great idea, more for him so we can get some in his spiffy uniform. He had been wanting more "uniform pics" and HE suggested it! Perfect!!
First pic of the day
And then this happened (don't mind my ridiculous jumping)...

The day then continued on with ALL of my favorite things!!!! Rock climbing at my favorite gym...

Then onto SeaWorld to see the Killer Whale show I've been wanting to see pretty much alllll summer...
Lunch at Mama Stella's- my fave
Annnnnddddd then since John got me the day off work from feeding sea lions, naturally we paid $5 so that I could feed sea lions. This is not a joke
How do you say no to that face?!?
I know this is ridiculous but...
I just love sea lions
And then I was le tired. Apparently I threw a wrench in the plan by suggesting a midday nap. But ya know, it was my birthday day so NAP IT IS! John then told me that we were going out to dinner! To a place called "Vessel". It seemed really nice, was highly rated on Yelp! and we also had a reservation! The "Yelpers" had suggested that it was a "nice place to walk around" so John thought maybe we could head over early and check it out? Also, the guy who took his reservation was apparently a big 'ole jerk and stearnly warned John NOT TO BE LATE and that the place was hard to find so DON'T BE LATE. So we really had to get there early (do you see where this is going)?

We got there early, I debated whether or not to bring my purse. John said "Nah, don't bring it. Here, I'll put it in the trunk for you....." As he placed my purse in the trunk, I peeked back and saw that he was texting (**he was actually sending a "5 minute warning" text to everyone waiting). He had mentioned that Robert had been texting him earlier, asking him to play some beloved Hearthstone. I thought nothing of it. As I asked why he thought I shouldn't bring my purse, he shrugged and said "I know you're going to try and pay for dinner so this way, you can't!" Smartest guy I know.

We headed out of the car and wandered around the marina, which was gorgeous (just as the "Yelpers" had recommended) and even had a small private beach beneath Vessel. I got super excited about the beach, turned to John and said "Let's walk along the beach!!"

I had fallen into the most perfect proposal.

To be continued........

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