Friday, January 4, 2013

Okinawa- The Churaumi Aquarium

We arrived at the airport early. Too early, if you ask some people. So early, the gates for AirAsia weren't even open yet.

What can I say, I like to be overprepared.
 Okinawa's weather was amazing!! We arrived in Okinawa late at night and took local buses up to Nago the next morning. I get irrational when I'm hungry so we were sure to pack lots of snacks...
 The Churaumi Aquarium!! Inside a whale shark :)
 I was super freaked out by the huge fuzzy worms inside the touch pool...
 The most amazing part of the aquarium by far... Three whale sharks, fish, sting rays, HUGEEE Manta Rays. It literally gave me goosebumps. We stood there for at least half an hour just staring. You can see the comparison of the rays' wingspan with human sized heads...

 Then we went outside to see the dolphin shows!
They had Christmas Carols in Japanese... which was pretty intersting

This is BillAyyyy!!! Our favoritest whale everrr
 To see why BillAy is so amazing... (His trainer was also SUPER into their choreographed dance)
We contemplated buying a stuffed "BillAy" to commemorate our trip

Pretty much the best picture EVERRR
Brown sugar ice cream
Spent more money for less Coke. But it's pretty!
Hotel Robes

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  1. Looks like fun times. Great photos.